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General Rules

1. Teams can consist of three, four or five players: three starters and one or
two substitutes.
2. All players must be 8 or older.
3. Adult teams (at least one player over age 18) will be placed into divisions
based on the age of all team members on the roster. Youth divisions are
grouped based on the oldest player on the team. 31 plus all players 31 or
older. 40 plus all players 40 or older.
4. No roster changes may be made after a team starts its first scheduled
5. All teams are guaranteed at least four (4) scheduled games.
6. Games are played on a half court using Official Hoop It Up 3x3 rules.
7. Scoring: one point per basket; two points for shots made behind the
designated 3-point line. First team to 21 points wins; OR the team ahead
after the 25/16-minute time limit wins. Possession alternates after each
made basket.
8. Hoop It Up reserves the right to verify any player’s height or age.
Inaccurate information is grounds for the immediate disqualification of the
IDENTIFICATION (birth certificate for minors).
9. Hoop It Up reserves the right to reduce the number of scheduled games,
or shorten games, due to unforeseen circumstances.
The following rules have been designed to ensure fair play for all participants
and closely align with USA Basketball and FIBA competition rules. All players
and coaches are expected to understand these rules prior to participating in
3x3 competition.

Game Administration & Rules
Roster Size
● 5 player limit (must have 3 players to start the game) ProAm 4 player limit

● 1 required
Timer/ScoreKeepers (Optional)
● 1 or 2 suggested or in tournament play the referee may keep score
● Each team is allowed one 30-second timeout per game. The game clock does not
stop during timeouts. NO timeouts are permitted in the last three minutes of the game.
Initial Possession
● Coin flip (winning the coin flip allows a team to start the game with the ball or decline
in order to get the ball in a potential overtime)
Game Duration & Scoring Limits
● ProAm 10 minute stop clock 21 points
● All other divisions - Running clock
● The first team to 21 points (applies to regular playing time only) or the team with the
most points at the end of the game

● First team to score two (2) points wins
● Baskets made from inside the arc count as one point. Baskets made from behind the
arc count as two points.
● Can occur in dead ball situations, prior to the check ball. Players must enter the game
at the top of the court.
Starting Possessions
● To start the game and after any dead ball that requires checking the ball at the top,
the ball must be passed (not dribbled) from the check box at the rear of the court.
● First violation: Warning from the referee or court monitor
● Each Additional Violation: Change of possession
ProAm is allowed to dribble ball in after any dead ball
Shot Clock

● ProAm - 12 seconds. The shot clock is to be monitored by the ref and should be
counted aloud for the final 5 seconds.
● All ages
No shot clock required – however, no stalling is allowed. The referee, court monitor, or
staff member may institute a 30 second clock at any time. After a team has been
warned about stalling, failure to hit the rim on the offensive possession within 30
seconds will result in loss of possession. The referee will count down the final 5

Free Throws
● 1 free throw if fouled while shooting
● 2 free throws if fouled while shooting behind the arc
● 1 free throw if fouled while shooting and the shooter makes the shot
● Free throws count as one point
● ProAm
Following a made free throw the ball is live as soon as the ball goes through the basket
and the opposing team can gain possession and clear. If the free throw is missed, the
ball is live and the offensive team can rebound and play, or the defensive team can
rebound and clear.
● 10U & Above
Following a made free throw, the opposing team will check the ball at the top. If the free
throw is missed, the ball is live and the offensive team can rebound and play, or the
defensive team can rebound and clear.

Jump Ball
● All jump balls become possession of the defensive team
Team Foul Limit (no individual fouls)
● 6 team fouls
Penalty for Team Fouls 7-9
● 2 free throws
Penalty for Team Fouls 10+
● 2 free throws and possession of the ball
Possession Following A Successful Goal
● ProAm
o Defense gains possession (no make it – take it). The possession begins right

underneath the hoop when the defensive team takes possession of the ball. Ball to be
dribbled or passed to a player behind the arc (both feet). Defensive team not allowed to
make a play for the ball inside the “no-charge semicircle” (area under the basket).
● 10U & Above
o Check ball exchange behind the arc (at the top)
Possession Following a Dead Ball
● Check ball exchange behind the arc (at the top)
Possession Following a Defensive Rebound or Steal
● Ball to be dribbled/passed behind the arc
● Players must play in at least 2 games to be eligible for the playoffs
Coaching Rules
● 11U & Above
● Coaches are allowed to provide guidance during timeouts, and before and after the
Coaches can also make substitutions.
● Coaches will be penalized a point if a ref sees excessive coaching during games.
● Penalties will be assessed at the referee’s discretion.
● 10U & Below
o The same rules apply as the 11U and above, however refs will be slightly more
tolerant of coaching.
o Coaches can be penalized a point if a ref sees excessive coaching during the games.
Awards or prizes for winning teams may be substituted with an alternate prize of equal or
greater value. Void where prohibited.

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