Tri Cities Monarchs 3vs3 E-Sports Presents:

Who Got Next! NBA2K20Blacktop

Spring Championships

X-Box & PS4

April 17-18, 2021 

12:30pm-6pm PDT

This event is endorsed by FIBA

Welcome to the NBA2K20 Blacktop Spring Championships, hosted for the first time by Tri Cities Monarchs 3vs3 E-Sports!

This event will feature 3vs3 action on the X-Box One and PS4 sticks; action, and fanfare that mirrors that of in-person 3vs3 tournaments!

Plug your controllers in, lace up the headsets, and call out




1st place- Choice of $300 in cash or (3) $100 X-Box/PS4 One gift cards
2nd place- Choice of $150 in cash or (3) $50 X-Box One/PS4 gift cards
3rd place- (3) cases of energy drinks of player's choice



Entry Registration Fee- $40 per individual



All players desiring to compete within the tournament will register via the Tri Cities Monarchs 3vs3 E-Sports website ( Please ensure to complete all information thoroughly as each player will automatically be registered as an FIBA 3x3 E-Sports player. Accurate information is imperative for records to be entered properly. Player must be 13 years of age or older in order to participate. By registering, you certify that you are being truthful about your age, and any player found to be deceitful in representation will be immediately removed from competition.

Payment will be required immediately upon registration. After submission of registration details, link will be forwarded to email provided to submit payment. All payments will be accepted via Square.
Entry fee for the tournament is $40.

General rules
• The NBA2K20 Blacktop Tournament is an online event, so can played wherever there is a console and satisfactory internet connection. Each player is responsible for having their own equipment (controller, console, etc.). The event will be played via Tournament.
• There will be no cross-play for this tournament. Xbox One participants and PlayStation 4 participants will follow the same rules but have two separate tournaments.
• Participants will get a 5-minute grace period. If a player is not ready to play 5 minutes after the scheduled game time, he/she must forfeit the game.

The tournament will consist of two stages played on consecutive days. Day 1 will consist of Pool Play, where all the participants are grouped into brackets and will play every one in their pool twice, accumulating points based on the results. The top four teams in each pool will return on Day 2 to participate in the Knockout Round, which will be a 48-player double elimination tournament, to determine the champion, and third-place winner.

1. The following settings will be applied throughout each game:
a. Mode: Blacktop: 3vs3 ONLY
b. Skill Level: All-Star
c. Arena: Half-Court; Points- play to 50
d. Game sliders need to be set to no defensive 3-seconds, shot clock on, 5 sec closely guarded on, 5 sec back to basket on, zone defense allowed, clear ball required, ball entered from under basket off
e. Player fatigue on and injuries will be set to off.
f. All other settings will remain default
2. Regardless of any agreement between players, games will be played by the rules above unless changes are made by the Tri Cities Monarchs 3vs3 E-Sports staff.
3. Participants may play with any current NBA Team. Player is required to create (1) player representing him/herself only, and that created player will play with two other players who may be current NBA Players, All-Star, or Legend
4. Participants are not allowed to change teams game to game. Exception: Home team (higher seed) gets choice if teams have same player (One would get to have LeBron, the other would have to choose a different player)

• Be respectful of other participants
• No profanity
• Any player who receives multiple complaints against them will be removed from the competition
• If a glitch/freeze occurs in the system, the game will be completely restarted with settings remaining the same (i.e. teams). Any attempt to make the game glitch/freeze will result in an automatic forfeit from the game.
a. This includes throwing the controller, excessively pausing and starting the game, etc.
• Players will be responsible for reporting accurate results after each game and forward screenshots of the results as back-up and verification purposes.
Any questions you may have or not answered here may be forwarded to Darvin “Smoke” Phillips, Jr., Tournament Organizer, at


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