What is Hoop It Up Pro Am?
Hoop It Up Pro Am is a new classification of Hoop It Up that allows individuals to license their own territories and operate their own Hoop It Up clubs and local Hoop It Up Pro Am League.   Exclusive Territories are available for just an $500 annual fee per zip code.
Rights include a 3x3 men's, 3x3 women's and an esports team with your team's own unique logo and name.

How is my territory defined?
Each license is defined by zip code (or postal code outside of the US).    The primary territory license is $500.  

Does this include youth as well as adults?
Yes.  Licensees shall also have exclusive territorial rights to operate Hoop It Up Pro Am Leagues for all ages and establish youth "academy" teams under the same club brand.   Rights include operting local men's, women's and youth league and events for all ages which can all qualify to participate in national tournaments. 

How will I know if my territory is available?
You can reach us at to determine whether your territory is available.

What are the benefits of operating a Hoop It Up Pro Am club?

Hoop It Up Pro Am clubs will have their own dedicated page on the Hoop It Up website as well as the guaranteed participation in national and any regional Hoop It Up Pro-Am events. 

What are the benefits of operating a Hoop It Up Pro Am League
You can generate revenue from sponsorship, registration fees and other sources. 
How much does it cost?
The licensee fee is $500 plus $250 for any adjoining zip codes you wish to include in your territory.   You will be entitled to one club under each license, even if you expand your territory.   If you want to own more than one club, you will need to apply for multiple licenses at the $500 rate.  

Can my Hoop It Up Pro Am Club play in my League?

Can my Hoop It Up Pro Am Club be permitted to travel and play in other territories?  Yes.  Your club can play in any competition but your club will be the only one representing your territory.  You can participate in competitions with other Hoop It Up Pro-Am clubs as well non-licensed clubs. 

Will I have rights to operate a club or league?

When will the National Championship be held?
The event is currently scheduled for October in Florida pending confirmation due to the Covid 19 virus.   We will have a formal announcement in the coming weeks.     Licenses secured for this year guarantee invitation and free entry to our next national championship even if it is delayed.

How can I earn money with a License?
Yes.  You can sell sponsorship rights to your club and league for
Presenting Sponsorships, Team Jersey Sponsors, Event Signage, Team Merchandise, Digital advertising

You can also generate revenue from  League Registration Fees

How does the esports competition work?
Each Pro-Am Licensee will have the territorial rights to their own esports club representing their territory.   Each esports club will have free entry into Hoop It Up esports online events.

Does Hoop It up provide any training?

Yes we issue each licensee an operations manual.



Can I review the details of the License Agreement?

The terms and conditions are available online here.   

Please review our overview presentation


How do I apply for a license?

You can apply online here.