BNC presents Kevin Garnett’s Hoop It Up Juneteenth Jamboree men’s and women’s champions

BNC presents Kevin Garnett’s Hoop It Up Juneteenth Jamboree men’s and women’s champions

BNC wrapped up its multi-day Juneteenth coverage with live presentation coverage of the championship rounds of Kevin Garnett’s “Hoop It Up Juneteenth Jamboree,” which took place on Sunday at Marietta High School in Atlanta.

Play-by-play coverage of the 3-on-3 basketball tournament was provided by BNC’s Anthony Amey and NBA TV analyst Sam Mitchell. BNC correspondent Aiyana Cristal reported from the sidelines at the fast-paced basketball event.

In 2019, Garnett acquired Hoop It Up, a grassroots 3-on-3 basketball tour with participants from across the U.S. The NBA Hall of Famer hopes his purchase of Hoop It Up will add to the platform’s 32-year history of bringing together communities

The Dreamchasers beat out Sciatica 21-14 during the women’s championship game. National Hoop It Up Director Dan Cramer presented the team with their trophy.

“Their name is Dreamchasers, which is perfect for our first event of the year of the Kevin Garnett Hoop It Up 3×3 basketball tournament,” Cramer tells Cristal. “It’s great to have these women participate and be a part of the whole event.”

ELW Takeover beat out No Name Nashville 13-11 during the men’s championship game. Earlier in the day, the team, submitted by former Knicks player Eddie Lee Wilkins, defeated the Georgia Kangaroos (21-13) and 3Ball Minnesota (21-17) in the quarterfinals and semifinals, respectively.

“We had a disadvantage in height, and we knew we were playing against a good team,” Brandon Deravine said about beating 3Ball. “We just had to play hard, make shots and play defense.”

The Hoop It Up champion qualifies for the FIBA World Tour for a chance to earn points to help Team USA qualify for the next Olympics. Garnett hopes to give players who join Hoop It Up a platform if they don’t make it to the collegiate level or the NBA.

Watch Hoop It Up Juneteenth Jamboree games below: